Sónar and the Sorigué Foundation will premiere the monumental audiovisual installation RGB|CMY Kinetic created by German studio ART+COM for SonarPLANTA

SonarPLANTA is the joint initiative between Sónar and the Sorigué Foundation. For the next three years it aims to promote research into creative languages based around technology and new media art.

Renowned Berlin studio ART+COM -pioneers in the application of technology to the art world- has been selected to produce this year’s artistic piece.

The kinetic light installation RGB|CMY Kinetic -currently being produced in Berlin- will have its worldwide premiere at Sónar Barcelona on 18, 19 and 20 June.

The colossally sized piece will be situated at Sónar by Day and occupy a 500m2 x 12m high area. The sculpture will encompass choreography of primary colour lights, driven by five reflective discs suspended in the air, activated by powerful machinery and industrial precision.

As part of the project, the Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds will create two songs: one drawing from the data stream generated by the movement of the sculpture’s elements; with a second composition abstractly representing movement.

This art piece will reflect nature through the use of engineering, putting forward a multi-sensory and spatial experience in which the technology will be hidden.

The initiative inspired by the Sorigué Foundation’s PLANTA project will contribute to the Barcelona cultural scene, in order to stimulate artistic creation based on innovation and experimentation.