Chiharu Shiota - In the beginning was...

The Work

The beginning of everything

Shiota created this piece inspired by the processes and materials at PLANTA

The colours, shapes and textures of the environment inspired Shiota to use stone for the first time in one of her installations. She chose it as a material, not only because of the relationship with the landscape of PLANTA, but because of its link with the origin of the universe.

The Space

Symbol of the origins

The location highlights how the meaning of the work is bound to the space where it stands.

The building, created specifically to house this installation, echoes the complexities of the work, while establishing the intimate atmosphere required for the artistic experience.

The space is annexed to the local mineral and geology visitor’s centre: a point where visitors can find out about the context of the landscape and take a trip back in time through the stones that are, ultimately, the origin of everything, and also the starting point for In the Beginning was…

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The Artist

Recognised for her exploration of relationships between memory and loss

Her installations are complex webs of objects, captured through a medium as fragile as thread, which generate a dreamlike attraction, activating reflection on the past and the future. Shiota presented In the beginning was… at the Fundació Sorigué Museum in 2015.

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