Statement of PLANTA

A space for creation and to promote artistic talent


Art provides the backbone for PLANTA. Through the Fundació Sorigué collection, PLANTA is home to some of the world’s most unique art spaces, specifically designed to display works by major international artists. These works of art interact with the surrounding landscape and architecture. PLANTA invites us to reflect on art’s potential to provide disruptive points of view, open up new debates and act as a source of ideas.

Constructive culture, urban development and efficiency


The value of architecture at PLANTA lies not only in its dialogue with modern art, the recovery and reconversion of industrial spaces and research into new materials, but also in reflection and study on current and future challenges in this discipline. Consequently, PLANTA promotes debates, organises professional encounters, conferences and receives visits with the aim of generating and sharing value.

Research for a better future


PLANTA is a meeting point to exchange knowledge and create synergies, for research, attracting and developing talent and boosting an innovation culture.

PLANTA is also a business management tool that binds the Sorigué group values and its vision of the future, through sustainability and innovation.

Harmony between nature and industry


PLANTA stands amid a very special landscape, the industrial complex “La Plana del Corb”, in Balaguer (Lleida), where natural and industrial processes run harmoniously side by side. A unique scenario featuring farming planes, untouched landscapes, extraction plants and industrial buildings. This space is both rural and industrialised, peaceful and busy, remote and yet close to home. A context of widely varying realities that complement each other and form a closed circle of environmental sustainability where transforming relationships are forged between art, industry and the landscape and extend beyond physical parameters.