Antonio López - Día y Noche

The Work

A monument to intimacy

This sculpture installation at PLANTA encourages introspection.

El Día y La Noche (Day and Night), also known as Carmen despierta y Carmen dormida (Carmen awake and Carmen asleep), represented López’s first solo public sculpture. Antonio López’s interest in representing men and women through sculpture is a distinctive trait throughout his career. The artist was fascinated by representing infancy.

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The Space

An unusual context

Both sculptures are presented in a scenario that contrasts with the urban space

At PLANTA, El Día y La Noche are presented in a context that gives the pieces a singular aura, surrounded by nature and industrial processes that give them an introspective nature that differs from their best known public location outside Atocha station in Madrid.

The Artist

Antonio López’s magic transcends everyday objects

Including “Cuarto de baño” (1970 – 1973) in the Fundació Sorigué collection was a turning point in its development and the beginning of a prosperous working relationship with the artist. Currently, López’s works are among the most outstanding ensembles in the collection.

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