PLANTA begins a new season with an expanded collection

This Saturday (5th October), PLANTA —the project that combines the Sorigué Group’s vision for the future of its business with the Sorigué Foundation’s desire to give back— will reopen to the public with a new tour including more artworks. You can visit numerous art installations: “Ocean Without a Shore” by Bill Viola, the Anselm Kiefer pavilion, “Double Bind” by Juan Muñoz, and the sculptures “Day” and “Night” by Antonio López. All visits to PLANTA should be booked in advance. Opening times: Saturdays at 10am and 12pm.


PLANTA is an innovative business management project based out of Sorigué’s industrial complex in Balaguer (Lleida province, Spain). This is an industrial and natural landscape that is home to art, architecture and knowledge, in such a way that industrial processes, research into new materials and site-specific installations by contemporary artists drive creativity and talent.

PLANTA opened to the public for the first time in October 2017 with “Double Bind” by Juan Muñoz. This monumental installation, considered to be the pinnacle work of this internationally-renowned artist, was created in 2001 for the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern.

In June 2019, PLANTA unveiled its first permanent installation, “Ocean Without a Shore”, by the world-renowned video artist, Bill Viola. This installation represents a series of encounters at the intersection between life and death, through videos shown on three large-scale high-definition screens within a space that was custom-built for the exhibit. It was originally created to be exhibited in the Church of San Gallo during the Venice Biennale in 2007, and since that date it had not been re-exhibited in Europe.

In this new season, in addition to these two installations, you can visit the sculptures “Day” and “Night” by Antonio López and the Anslem Kiefer pavilion: PLANTA’s first artistic space, which could not previously be visited by the general public. The pavilion, built in 2010, is home to three large-format artworks by the renowned German artist Anselm Kiefer.

At PLANTA, we continue to work on new spaces that you will be able to visit in the future, with works by great artists such as William Kentridge, Chiharu Shiota and others.