William Kentridge - More Sweetly Play the Dance

The Work

Dance as an approach to the real world

Kentridge poses everyday universal questions

More Sweetly Play the Dance represents a procession featuring many characters. This might be a political, religious, celebratory or military procession. Kentridge is all these things at once: in post-apartheid South Africa, processions were a symbol of freedom, resistance and hope.

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The Space

A former factory turned into a space for reflection

The exhibition at PLANTA is Kentridge’s first permanent video installation

A working industrial space was used to exhibit the piece in the form of a warehouse intended for producing prefabricated concrete key stones. Intervention in this industrial space was minimal, conserving the original space and following the artist’s guidelines – when William Kentridge visited PLANTA, he was impressed by the complex production of these huge pieces used to construct tunnels.

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The Artist

One of the great contemporary creators

He has a masterful command of diverse disciplines such as theatre, opera, dance, drawing or videoart

The works of the artist are a reflection of his personal and global concern on matters such as repression, injustice and atrocity, always working from a characteristic, rough, direct, intimate style with a great feeling of self-criticism and humour.

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