Anselm Kiefer - Kiefer Pavilion

The Work

Culture and knowledge as a starting point

The connection that the pieces have forged with the PLANTA project delves far beyond material issues

This space houses three emblematic works of art by the German artist Anselm Kiefer, representing the themes that run through his work. They are characterised by their materiality, very specifically related to the environment where they are on show, and their holistic nature aligns fully with the PLANTA project.

The Space

Architecture that imitates the landscape

Constructed in 2010, this was the first space created in PLANTA to house works of art

Kiefer Pavilion’s architecture imitates the landscape and becomes a point of reference in a constantly changing environment. Inside, all eyes are on the three large works of art that connect with the outdoor landscape through their tonalities while also solidly contrasting with the white, diaphanous space that houses them.

The Artist

One of the most internationally recognised living artists.

Through iconography and symbology, he addresses topics related to civilisation, culture and spirituality.

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