PLANTA receives the 2017 CultHunting award

This acknowledgement, awarded as part of CultHunting Day, emphasizes the initiatives that pledge their commitment to art and culture as a driver for transformation and innovation.

The PLANTA project, fostered by Sorigué and the Fundació Sorigué in Lleida, is an innovative space for exchanging talent and promoting innovation, where synergies are created between creativity and enterprise.

PLANTA recently opened its doors to the general public with Juan Muñoz’s sculpture, Double Bind, located in an industrial warehouse specifically designed for the exhibit.

PLANTA, the innovative initiative created by the Sorigué group and its foundation, has received the CultHunting award, which was presented at CultHunting Day. This is an annual event that brings together artists and executives. In its sixth annual edition, this year’s CultHunting Day focused on the concept of art as a springboard for transformation towards more responsible and sustainable businesses.

The CultHunting award acknowledges companies that commit to art and culture as a driver of transformation and innovation. PLANTA has received this recognition for being “a project that combines research tasks, technological development, business production and artistic creation in a single environment”, states Edgar Garcia, head of the Enterprise Development department of the Instituto Catalán de Empresas Culturales [the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises].

The first two CultHunting awards were given to Estudios Durero and Canon in 2015 for their project, “Didu”; and to Gas Natural for “Cinergía” in 2016.

The sixth annual CultHunting Day, which took place at Arts Santa Mònica this year, included a presentation of practices applied by companies from various sectors which, in a groundbreaking way, have successfully committed to art and culture as a catalyst for transformation. The event also included the presentation of innovative art projects, designed to be applied in a business environment; as well as talks on the subject of the added value of pairing art and enterprise.

The purpose of the CultHunting program is to build bridges between art and enterprise, and to delve into the potential of art as an agent of transformation.


PLANTA is an innovative project that brings together Sorigué’s interpretation of giving back in the fields of art, architecture, landscape, and knowledge. The business side of PLANTA is an innovative management tool designed to act as a catalyst for the creation of value in the company by generating synergies, capturing and developing talent, and driving a culture of innovation.

The project is located in La Plana del Corb, an active industrial complex in Balaguer (Lleida) which symbolizes Sorigué’s beginnings as a business group and embodies its values.

PLANTA will include a central building designed by Ábalos + Sentkiewicz (AS+) in collaboration with a team of experts associated with the project. PLANTA’s architectural design was exhibited in September of this year at the Chicago Biennial, and can be defined as an experiment in architectural thermodynamics, a thermal machine creating a relationship between the local climate and the materials from which it is constructed, through a meticulous balance of form, material, and flow, making the creation of a fully self-sufficient building possible.

PLANTA also consists of globally-unrivaled site-specific art spaces, containing pieces by important international artists, such as the Anselm Kiefer pavilion, which hosts three monumental works by the German artist, and an underground installation by Bill Viola.

The project opened to the general public last October with the site-specific piece, Double Bind, deemed the pinnacle work of the career of artist Juan Muñoz and presented for the first time in Spain. The monumental sculpture will be shown for the next 5 years in a unique space covering more than 2,000 square meters, which has been transformed specifically for the purpose of displaying this work.

Currently, work is underway at PLANTA on a large installation by the South African artist William Kentridge, a unique work by German artist Wim Wenders, a large-scale piece by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, and a new space created specifically for an exceptional piece by Bill Viola.

Juan Muñoz’s Double Bind can be visited by booking in advance with info@fundaciosorigue.com or by calling +34 600 600 003.