Spanish National Radio broadcasts its programme “No es un día cualquiera” live from PLANTA

On Sunday 23rd September, PLANTA welcomed in a million listeners when Spanish National Radio’s programme No es un día cualquiera —directed and presented by the journalist Pepa Fernández— was broadcast live.

Over 150 people, between Sorigué employees and the general public, attended the live broadcast from inside the “Double Bind” art installation by Juan Muñoz, located against the unique backdrop of the PLANTA project: Sorigué’s La Plana del Corb industrial complex in Balaguer.

The programme had several different guests, including Ana Vallés, Head of Sorigué and a driving force behind the PLANTA project, Lucía Muñoz, who manages Juan Muñoz’ estate and the “Double Bind” installation at PLANTA, and Roberto Fernández, dean of Lleida University and chair of the Conference for Spanish University Deans, among others.


No es un día cualquiera” is a Spanish National Radio programme broadcast at the weekend, from 8:30am to 1pm. It has established itself as a programme with a large number of listeners and has received several different prizes since it first began: the 2003 Ondas Prize for best national radio programme; the 2007 Pica d’Estats Prize awarded by Lleida Local Council and Tourist Board for best radio work; and the 2016 Concha García Campoy Journalism Prize. In 2010, the Spanish Federation of Female Directors, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE) also awarded the programme a prize for media promotion of professional women.


PLANTA is a project combining Sorigué’s vision for the future of its business with the Sorigué Foundation’s desire to give back, bringing together art, architecture, landscape and knowledge. Designed for talent exchange and to drive innovation, PLANTA creates partnerships between creativity and business.