Sorigué participates in the International Seminar on “Landscape, Economy, and Business”

The President of Sorigué and Director of the Fundació Sorigué, Ana Vallés, participated in the opening session of the international seminar on “Landscape, Economy, and Business”, organized by the Observatorio del Paisaje de Cataluña.

This seminar, held on November 26 and 27, brings together important figures from the world of architecture, the arts, business, and science to debate the essential role of landscape in local development, its function as a top-tier economic resource with great competitive potential, and its ability to attract business and entrepreneurial opportunities. During various presentations and discussions, the participants share experiences and analyze the possibilities present in public and private cooperation in this area.

Ana Vallés highlighted the importance of the landscape environment in both the company’s history and its future plans: “Sorigué began with the extraction of aggregates and treatment of asphalts, and through the PLANTA project, developed by the business group and the Fundació Sorigué, we live up to our promise to give back to the Earth and to society”.

The President of Sorigué also noted that “PLANTA is located at the company’s industrial gravel pit in Balaguer (Lleida), a space which combines industrial and natural environments, where the values of Sorigué take form, representing the origins of the business group’s activities. At PLANTA, the landscape is the protagonist”.

The opening session of the seminar was attended by the Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Santi Vila; the Director General of Aigües Ter Llobregat, Alfredo Gutiérrez; and the Director of the Observatorio del Paisaje de Cataluña, Joan Nogué, among other prominent figures.