The exhibition “Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology” by Armin Linke closes after receiving more than 19,000 visits

The Sorigué Foundation, through its PLANTA project, and Matadero Madrid are closing the exhibition “Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology” by the photographer and documentary-maker Armin Link, which was open to the public at Matadero’s Hall 0 from 12th March to 20th May 2021. Over these two months, more than 19,000 people visited the artist’s first solo exhibition in Spain.

The exhibition is the result of research carried out by Linke —along with his collaborators Giulia Bruno and Giuseppe Ielasi and the support of the Sorigué Foundation— over a period of 10 years on the concept of the Anthropocene: the theory of a new geological era caused by human action on Earth.

From a rigorous — albeit reflective — perspective, the exhibition encourages us to take note of the critical situation the planet faces and the conflictive role we humans and modern societies play in its transformation. To this end, it uses photographs, audios, texts and a film, “Blind Sensorium”: the central component of the exhibition, designed as an artistic essay analysing the conflictive spaces of climate change and the intersections between politics, science, economy, culture and the logic of technological innovation.

Armin Linke’s work shows images of the modern world as an abundance of data, where material infrastructures —consisting of computer centres, data highways and server rooms— are largely invisible. The knowledge generated by this technological sensorium is characterised by the blind spots of its own role in accelerating the exploitation of nature.

Podcast: “One Exhibition, Many Perspectives”

Under the name “One Exhibition, Many Perspectives”, Matadero has carried out a series of guided tours based on expert perspectives on climate change and the study of the Anthropocene.

Four guided tours have taken place in total, led by a journalist, a scientist, a political scientist and a climate activist, who showed audiences the exhibition from the perspective of their areas of knowledge.

This in-depth exploration of “Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology” has led to the creation of a podcast series including each guest’s vision, to be permanently located on the following page of the Matadero website: PODCAST: “ONE EXHIBITION, MANY PERSPECTIVES” | Matadero Madrid.