PLANTA presents its education initiative adapted to all stages of education

The team of professionals and advisers making up the Sorigué Foundation’s Education Department has created an education initiative for the PLANTA project, in line with its desire to continue bringing contemporary art to all and to positively impact on society through education and art.

The initiative was presented to Lleida province’s educational community in two virtual sessions on 20th and 21st April, in collaboration with Segrià Centre for Educational Resources and La Noguera Centre for Educational Resources.

The first presented projects are based on Juan Muñoz’ “Double Bind” exhibition. This sculpture installation, considered his most important work and a fundamental contemporary artwork, reflects on the relationship between the spectator and space, what can and cannot be seen, illusion and reality, communication and non-communication…

In total, four projects have been created, based on curricular content and adapted to the different stages of education: “The Hidden City and its Inhabitants” (3-5 years), “The Space Where we Live” (6-11 years), “Life is a Theatre” (6-11 years) and “Very Contemporary Baroque” (12-18 years).

The Education Department works to create different educational outreach activities for the art installations at PLANTA, aiming to foster learning about and through art, in a context where art coexists with geology, industrial processes, landscapes and research. The selection of projects will gradually expand and evolve.

Over the past months, the Department has also worked to facilitate access to its work and to make different resources available to teachers, creating new specific spaces on the Sorigué Foundation’s website and PLANTA’s new website.

You can find further information on the “Double Bind” education initiative in the following section. For further information regarding initiatives and visits, please contact aeducativa@fundaciosorigue.com