New exhibition at the Fundació Sorigué: “La vida en emergencia. Juan Zamora”

Fundació Sorigué opens its doors with the exhibition “La vida en emergencia. Juan Zamora”, from 18 February to 17 December 2023.

The exhibition, Zamora’s first major solo selection, charts a journey through the work of the Madrid artist in which he reflects on life and its processes. His work combines a variety of languages and formats – from gentle drawings, to “grotesque” animations and installations featuring music, plants and even bio-luminescent elements – as well as several disciplines such as biology and botany.

Zamora’s interest in the study of life cycles in nature and the constant processes of transformation have led him to address existential and everyday questions, such as life, death and love, often based on common experiences, some of which from his own personal life.

The title of the exhibition alludes to the theory of emergence, developed within the philosophy of science, which supports that everything in existence comes not just from the sum of its components, but from the interaction between them. In turn, it is a concept that the artist uses to warn of the current environmental crisis, with a special emphasis on the extinction of a growing number of plant species.

Juan Zamora has a degree in Fine Art from the Felipe II Centre for Advanced Studies in Aranjuez and a master’s degree in Contemporary Art from the European University of Madrid. In 2017, he received the Princess of Girona Foundation Arts and Literature Award for bringing together art, aesthetics and formal quality in his work. He had previously won the ABC Award (2006) and the Young Artist Support Generations Award (2016).

A nomadic artist for many years, he has participated in renowned artist residencies at international centres such as ISCP (New York 2011–2012) NIROX Foundation (Johannesburg, 2014–2016), Lugar a Dudas (Cali, 2015) and the Royal Academy of Spain (Rome, 2015–2016).

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