Forma Balaguer turns the city into a museum with the collaboration of PLANTA

The city of Balaguer will become an open-air museum between 1st and 23rd October thanks to the Forma Balaguer contemporary art spaces, in an event for creating, sharing and promoting contemporary art in partnership with the Sorigué Foundation’s PLANTA project.

This event will bring together exhibitions, performances and projects in different spaces around the city, aiming to facilitate dialogue with local residents and redefine Balaguer’s streets, squares, buildings and furnishings from a committed artistic perspective.

One of these spaces will be PLANTA, which will open to the public for free on Saturday 16th October between 10am and 12pm. This activity is included in the exhibition programme and registration is open now on the event’s website.

“Balaguer: A City to Question the World” is the exhibition’s central theme. Through this topic, participants are invited to reflect on the death of the city caused by globalisation and, at the same time, artists and local residents alike are invited to make public spaces their own and lead Balaguer’s revival.