Statement of PLANTA


The Sorigué group has a materials research laboratory in the area around PLANTA.

Historically, the group was a benchmark in matters of product quality, particularly in the Asphalt, Sand and Gravel sector. As a way of clearly backing innovation and sustainability, it set up this lab in 2010, in an attempt to further knowledge on materials and consolidate experience. This also gave the company an internal control centre for materials manufactured in their own facilities.

This centre has a highly qualified technical team, and it is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and the latest technology on material testing, available only in the most specialised labs. The laboratory work is divided into control, design and research areas.

This laboratory carries out research projects within the framework of PLANTA, such as a study of the constructive system for the Bill Viola site-specific work and Proyecto Pieza, research that came about thanks to synergies between Sorigué and the architect Patxi Mangado.