Anselm Kiefer - Kiefer Pavilion

Kiefer’s works are intrinsically linked to some of the concepts developed at PLANTA.

On the one hand, Kiefer often uses the book metaphor in his work as an element that preserves and distributes knowledge.

In this respect, the PLANTA project is a platform that amasses different knowledge to generate new ideas. Identity is another theme that transcends all of Kiefer’s artistic creation. He reflects directly and indirectly on this issue. As an innovative project, PLANTA revolves around group values, and absolute respect for origins and one’s own history.

And thirdly, as far as Kiefer is concerned, culture is the only thing that can save humanity. Through the Fundació Sorigué, PLANTA wishes to bring modern culture to all audiences. Culture, and particularly art, works as a social transformation tool and becomes a tool with a positive impact on society.