The Sorigué Foundation co-organises the international symposium “Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption”

On 19th November, the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA) held its third international symposium at Caixa Forum Madrid, entitled “Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption”.

The Spanish members of IACCCA —the Sorigué Foundation, Bank of Spain Collection, Bergé Collection, Santander Bank Collection, La Caixa Foundation and Inelcom— organised this symposium the ecological challenges of contemporary art. It involved an in-depth debate on topics such as how the climate crisis is reflected in collections, culture’s response to the climate crisis, the partnership between art and science to draw attention to certain aspects and promote change, ecocosmologies in the tropical jungle, the relationship between diet and climate and the role of art in the climate crisis.

The symposium was attended by renowned figures from the culture sector: Heidi Ballet, a commissioner specialised in new ecology; Markus Reymann, the director of TBA21–Academy; Lucy Wood, a creative producer specialised in climate change; Cooking Sections, an artistic duo specialised in food policy; T. J. Demos, a writer and researcher on art, politics and ecology; and Alice Sharp, an advisor on art and sustainability.

The purpose of the day, geared towards professionals from the art, culture, ecology and, particularly, climate change sectors, was to raise awareness of new artistic practices arising in the face of crucial issues such as human disruption of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Moreover, during the symposium IACCCA’s e-book of the same title was presented: “Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption”. This project, carried out and commissioned by Heidi Ballet, includes participation from all the curators of the Association’s corporate collections. The Sorigué Foundation is represented by three artworks from its collection.

About the IACCCA

The International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA), of which the Sorigué Foundation is a member, was created in 2007 as a not-for-profit institution to bring together the curators of important corporate collections of contemporary art from around the world.

This international network of professionals currently has over 50 members, who aim to meet the changing needs of collecting and of corporate art collection management in today and tomorrow’s world.

IACCCA also works to raise awareness of these collections’ activity and to foster reflection on current topics and cooperation between its members.