Statement of PLANTA

Talking architecture #3
Techniques, Resources and Environment

In May 2015, PLANTA organised the third edition of Talking Architecture at the Sorigué industrial facilities in La Plana del Corb. It analysed how raw materials in architecture are applied according to specific techniques, working from available resources and depending on the environments where we are building.

Surrounding area

We simultaneously live in two environments: one is natural and the other is cultural. How can we inter-relate them?
How could we improve the former, the natural environment, through the latter, the cultural?


How can we manage natural resources to avoid wasting them?
How can architects use fewer resources, not only in existing buildings, but in new cities?


QWhat advantages can traditional technologies bring to the construction of architecture?
What changes have digital technology brought to the construction sector?

Luis Fernández Galiano

Architect, professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid School of Architecture and editor of the AV / Arquitectura Viva journals since 1985.

Aleksandar Ivancic

Industrial Engineer. He works for Barcelona Regional on planning infrastructures and energy systems. He has been a lecturer for the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability.

Hanif Kara

Design Director and co-founder of AKT II, he combines practice with teaching.

Anupama Kundoo

Architect who has been recognised for her research into materials and developing technology for architecture with a low environmental impact.

Philip Ursprung

Professor of History of Art and Architecture at ETH Zürich, he also taught at the University of Geneva, HdK Berlin and University of Colombia GSAPP.