Statement of PLANTA

Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology

Armin Linke’s work focuses on documenting the effects of globalization and infrastructure on different local populations.

Through the exhibition ‘Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology’, a co-production by Fundació Sorigué and Matadero Madrid, Linke proposed a visual approach to climate change and its material landscape from a rigorous and reflective perspective. The exhibition, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Spain, was presented at Nave 0 in Matadero from March 12 to May 20, 2021 and was visited by more than 19,000 people.

Fundació Sorigué, in accordance with Sorigué business group’s vision, supported Linke’s research to allow him to perform extensive field work and to create the project now shown in Matadero. This spport for the project “Blind Sensorium” by Armin Linke also reflects the commitment of the Sorigué group and its foundation with environmental challenges.

‘Blind Sensorium: Visual Anthropology’, proposed as a visual witness of climate change and its landscape, invited us to become aware of the critical situation of the Earth and of the conflicting role that human beings and modern societies play in its transformation. The images incited us to reflect on the actions of man and to observe and interpret the new natural and artificial landscapes that we inhabit. The exhibition was offered as a tool for understanding the circumstances and the possible negotiation of new solutions for our planet.